FTTH Network HOW-TO Test and Measurements

How to get a better OTDR Trace during FTTx PON network testing

OTDR Price is getting economical recently, how to get a good test trace from an cost effective OTDR is critical, the following lists is an instruction about how to get good test result. 1. Select the right pulse width, by selecting a longer or shorter Pulse Width, you can control the amount of backscatter level […]

Data Center HOW-TO

How to choose the right MPO Cassette

Low Insertion Loss. The lower the insertion loss, the more MPO cassettes that can be used in the channel—and the greater flexibility you have in your DC topology. Compatibility with Low-DMD Fibers. A cassette using low-DMD fiber is already compatible with systems using low-DMD fiber. This allows the ISI penalty to be reallocated to the […]


¿Cómo se hace un cable de conexión?

¿Qué debería tenerse en cuenta a la hora de elegir un “buen producto”? ¿Cuáles son las características que uno debe buscar para definir la calidad de cualquier conector o de un cable de conexión? Para apreciar la importancia de un producto compatible con las normas, primero hay que entender el proceso de como se hace […]


Como se faz um cabo de conexão?

O que deveria ser levado em consideração no momento de escolher um “bom produto”? Quais são as características que você deve buscar para definir a qualidade de qualquer conector ou de um cabo de conexão? Para estimar a importância de um produto compatível com as normas, em primeiro lugar há que entender o processo de […]

100G & 400G HOW-TO

How to clean SFP (SFFP), XFP, CFP, MSA Transceivers

Most SFP (small form-factor pluggable) module transmitters have an LC (Simplex or duplex) or SC connector with a stub. It is relatively easy to clean following the standard connector if you follow the following cleaning steps: However, the SFP receiver can have an air gap chamber or an internal lens, which makes cleaning and inspecting […]

HOW-TO Tools and Tool kits

How to use fiber optic stripper

Warning:Never use this tool on live electrical circuits; it is not insulated against electrical shock. Always use OSHA/ANSI or other industry approved eye protection when using tools. This is not to be used for purposes other than intended. Please read and understand instructions before operating this tool. Fiber Optic Stripper Introduction FO 103-Sis for stripping […]


How to Replacing electrodes

How to replacing Electrodes for Sumitomo Fusion Splicer The electrodes will typically need replacing after approximately 1,000 discharges. If the number of arc discharge exceeds 1,000 times, Arc Count shown on the screen (refer to page 25) will be highlighted in red for warning. The electrode tip is extremely sharp. Handle with great care.


How to Clean Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicer Maintenance – Cleaning To keep excellent splice quality, regular cleaning and inspection are required. Especially cleaning should be performed before and after each use. We recommend your splicer to be checked through our maintenance service once a year. Clean each part with a cotton swab. Please bear in mind that daily cleaning can […]


How to do FSM-11S Splicer Arc Calibration

Step by Step guide for FSM-11S Arc Calibration Atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, and pressure are constantly changing, which creates variability in the arc calibration. This splicer is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors that are used in a constant feedback control system to regulate the arc power at a constant level. Changes in […]