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GPON vs. EPON Costs Comparison

GPON and EPON Technology Comparison The key factor for determine FTTH network cost is understand the performance characteristics of the PON tecnology. because The PON upstream/downstream bandwidth, bandwidth efficiency and the splitting ratio will affect it. the following table have a brief comparison about the GPON and EPON technology. detailed comparison please read our blog: […]

Cable Management FTTH Network

Loose Tube Vs. Ribbon Fiber Cabling

Making the Right Fiber Cable Choice can Improve Overall Performance of Distribution Cables in the PON In the distribution portion of the passive optical network (PON) for fiber-tothe-premise (FTTP) architectures, the choice of fiber cabling – ribbon vs. loose tube – can directly impact ease of installation and future performance. As is usually the case […]

FTTH Network

JDSU Light Source Maintenance

Before you start to maintenance Light Source, read the following words thoroughly: Maintenance or cleaning of the device when it is connected up or operating may damage the device or injure you. Make sure that the device is switched off and disconnected from all power sources and optical radiation sources before maintenance or cleaning. The […]


Componentes FTTx

OLT, ONT, ODN, Fiber, Divido FTTH network consisting OLT, ONT / ONU, ODN, the ODN network fiber composite, dividers, etc. Fiber Installation of fiber optic cable is one of the most expensive items in the PON deployment and how to proceed depends on several factors, including cost, rights of way, legal standards, aesthetics, etc., and […]

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Tecnologías utilizadas en FTTx

FTTx Technology New standards such as those established by ITU-T, the IEC and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), have greatly increased standardization of design, survivability and safety of PONs. It offers the opportunity to economies scale and lower costs, no conceivable above. Tables 1 and 2 describe the main parameters that define […]

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FTTx Introducción

Introducción a FTTx La fibra óptica monomodo, con su ancho de banda prácticamente ilimitado, es ahora el medio de transporte preferido en redes de transporte largo y metropolitanas. La utilización de cable de fibra óptica (en lugar de cable de cobre) reduce significativamente los costes del equipo y de mantenimiento, a la vez que aumenta […]

FTTH Network

fibre network and copper network comparison

fibre and copper for data transmission network In terms of the physical infrastructure mediums the main choice is between a copper or fibre based system. So, which is the best to install? Like all good, simple questions, the route to the answer is a little more complicated. Historically, fibre was used in the backbone and […]

FTTH Network

GPON GEPON Comprehensive Comparison

Initial PON (1990s) were based on ATM framing (APON, BPON), ATM-based BPON were inefficient, majority of traffic through the access network was IP traffic, Ethernet based PON (EPON), QOS-aware Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) (VLANs, prioritization, OAM) and integration with other Ethernet equipment, Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) proposed by FSAN members (Quantum Bridge et. al) – […]