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Процедура очистки соединителей, кассет и кабельных сборок MPO

LC и SC и FC адаптеры Вставьте ватную палочку для очистки в открытый проходной адаптер. Вращайте ватную палочку по часовой стрелке, изменяя силу нажатия и совершая плавные движения вперед и назад, чтобы конец ватной палочки контактировал наконечником. Проверьте качество очистки с помощью микроскопа и при необходимости повторите шаги 1 и 2, пока загрязнения не будут удалены. После использования утилизируйте ватную палочку. Кассета/Адаптер […]

Tools and Tool kits


I. Preparing 1) Verify that the machine is plugged in power or the battery capacity is enough; then press     and hold the key until TL-7S fusion splicer booted. 2) In the standby mode, press  to enter “Splice Menu” menu. Move the cursor to [Operation Options]; press to enter. Set [Auto Start] [pause 1], [pause 2] […]

Tools and Tool kits

Fiber Connector Inspection – Why It Matters and How It Works

Search the Internet for “fiber optic connector inspection” and you will certainly see a lot of infor mation from just about every company you – associate with fiber optic communications. Everyone in the fiber installation and network world is talking about inspection. In a study by NTT-Advanced Technology, 98% of installers and 80% of network […]

Tools and Tool kits

Fiber Optic Stripper Instruction Manual

This Fiber Optic Stripper is specially designed for stripping 250 and 900 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron cladded fiber, the Second hole for stripping 2-3 mm fiber jacket, moreover, it with factory preset and will not scratch or nick glass fiber. The weight is 119g, and length is 165mm (4.2oz, 6.5in) All stripping […]

Tools and Tool kits

Connector Cleaning Method

Cleaning Procedure Figure 9 below, illustrates the step-by-step inspection/cleaning procedure that should be rigorously followed before a fiber is connected to another optical component—using this simple procedure can avoid costly network downtime A reliable network begins with connector care and cleaning. Through the years, many devices and procedures have been used. In the past, the way […]

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How to use fiber optic stripper

Warning:Never use this tool on live electrical circuits; it is not insulated against electrical shock. Always use OSHA/ANSI or other industry approved eye protection when using tools. This is not to be used for purposes other than intended. Please read and understand instructions before operating this tool. Fiber Optic Stripper Introduction FO 103-Sis for stripping […]