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Direct Buried Cable Installation – Cable Installation


Many fiber optic installations require direct buried applications. For any direct burial, the use of an armor tape cable design or a plowed conduit system is recommended. This will preclude cable damage during installation and provide additional support and rodent protection.
1 Fiber optic cables are typically buried at depths from 36 to 54 inches.
2 Pre-ripping the route or trenching using a backhoe may be required
3 The use of figure eight’s allows installations or more than 6 km continuous reel lengths.
4 Figure 8’s will be required at all obstacles including bores, road crossings, culverts, etc.
5 Cable should be fed smoothly into the plow shaft with no back tension.
6 Marker tape should be placed 1 to 2 feet above the installed cable. This tape can be purchased with metallic conductor for easier location or nonmetallic cable products.
7 The plow shaft should always ride squarely (perpendicular to the ground). In the event the shaft begins to rise, trenching may be required to properly place the cable.
8 Insure that all precautions are heeded which relate to bending radius and handling during installation.
9 Shading can be utilized during installation to prevent macrobending loses when cables are placed over rocks or other obstructions
10 In the event of rock cutting, cables are typically placed 18”- 24” with concrete caps.