Hybrid GPON/ distribution point unveiled by Telnet Redes Inteligentes


Telnet Redes Inteligentes S. A. has introduced a Hybrid Fiber-Copper Access Distribution Point (HFCA-DP). The platform is the first to combine GPON and distribution point equipment (DPE) capabilities in a manner fully interoperable with Alcatel Lucent and Huawei GPON optical line terminals (OLTs), the company asserts.

The DPE also can be used in WDM-PON architectures, Telnet adds.

“Companies like Telefonica, a Telnet GPON customer, are among the nearly 60% of those OLT users that can benefit from the new Telnet product,” the company asserted in a press release announcing the product.

The platform leverages chips from start-up Sckipio Technologies (see “ chipsets from Sckipio Technologies debut”) to support 16 subscribers concurrently. It also includes Telnet’s ONT OMCI stack, ITU-T G.984.4, G.984.3, and G.984.2, and VLAN tagging (802.1p and QinQ), enabling it to support the BBF TR-156 recommendation. The HFCA-DP’s data path can support 3.75 Gbps and up to 16 subscribers per DPU.

The WDM-PON variant enables central office aggregation of typically up to 40 different optical wavelengths overlaid to GPON optical channels on the same power splitter based optical distribution networks. Each (or several) of these optical channels can be dedicated to a single HFCA-DP system, Telnet says. The current WDM-PON version of the Telnet’s HFCA-DP supports 32 optical wavelengths (C-Band), each carrying Gigabit Ethernet traffic. However, the system can be upgraded to higher rates, such as. 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Telnet says.

The HFCA-DP also comes equipped with the Telnet GPON SFP ONT to ease integration into existing fiber-optic networks.