IMS 2015: Everything Else You Need to Know


At IMS 2015, there will be a plethora of special events, honorary sessions, exhibits, and even a boot camp or two. These sessions and special functions are designed to add value to the RF/microwave community outside of the traditional sessions and networking. Adding some fun and flair, IMS 2015’s blog is highly interactive and has some great posts from leading industry professionals. Another big highlight of Microwave Week are the ARFTG and RFIC conferences and symposium co-located with IMS 2015.

RF Boot Camp
Are you ready for a rough-and-tumble, intense introduction to the basics of RF and microwave theory and techniques? IMS 2015 will be hosting an RF Boot Camp to provide a solid introduction of the basics for new engineers, engineers in a shifting career role, and college students and industry professionals looking to be in the know. The RF Boot Camp will include short courses, technical sessions, workshops, and Q&A sessions.

IMS 2015 Honorary Session
An honorary session will celebrate Tatsuo Itoh’s 40 years of dedicated service to the MTT-S Administrative Committee (ADCOM). Having received a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois and worked at a number of universities in the United States, Itoh is also a Life Fellow of the IEEE. Among his many accomplishments are his induction into the National Academy of Investors as a Fellow, as well as the National Academy of Engineering, and a Northrop Grumman Endowed Chair.

IMS 2015 Closing Ceremony

Closing IMS 2015 will be Dr. J.S. Solomon with a detailed talk on biology-based technology and its place in the 21st century. Discussing breakthroughs in cellular biology and our expanding knowledge of living systems, Dr. Solomon’s talk will include details on molecular and biological measurement and the future of this exciting field.

IMS 2015 Exhibits

One of the great traditions of IMS is the exhibition hall for all things microwave. From component manufacturers to research/design houses, the microwave industry will once again be showing off its newest and most exciting innovations. This year, MTT-S is providing an interactive floor map to enhance the ability of attendees and exhibitors to explore the exhibits.


Featuring the underlying technology beneath the latest commercial products available from exhibitors at IMS 2015, the Microwave Application (MicroApps) presentations will take place on the exhibit floor for all attendees to experience. These 20-minute seminar-style talks will take place in booth 3147 of the exhibition hall.

For a schedule and location, visit: IMS 2015 MicroApps. Also, a schedule preview is available at IMS 2015 MicroApps Daily Schedule Preview.

Don’t Miss the IMS 2015 Blog

As a fun and informative way to spark discussion about IMS 2015, MTT-S is hosting a blog on the IMS 2015 webpage. Many industry players are sharing their excitement about this year’s event here, such as Christopher Marki, director of operations at Marki Microwave, who writes: “Some critics say that attending IMS is a waste of time for engineers and designers. The popular complaint is that conferences, in general, tend to be long on marketing sparkle and short on technical rigor. However…wait for it…I contend that IMS is, by far, the most useful conference an RF engineer can ever attend. The reason is that IMS is, by analogy, a three-day farmer’s market of RF goods and services where you can meet and share ideas with the highest-caliber people the industry has to offer. Why is IMS uniquely similar to your local farmer’s market? Simple, the RF business is populated by a dense cluster of extremely talented ‘specialist’ companies that are small in stature, but high in quality.”

ARFTG’s 85th Conference and RFIC2015

Co-located with IMS 2015 are the RFIC symposium and the ARFTG Conference.

RFIC will feature two plenary sessions with Dr. Peter H. Siegel of the Jet Propulsions Laboratories (JPL) and Dr. Hermann Eul of Intel. Additionally, RFIC will offer a range of industry showcases and receptions highlighting 11 selected papers by authors spanning the industry. A new addition at this year’s RFIC will be a Best Industry Paper Award to the authors of one of the specially selected papers.

The 85th ARFTG Conference will include the traditional technical presentations, interactive forum, and exhibition, offering a great platform for interactive discussions with peers in the test and measurement community. This year’s conference theme is Measurements and Techniques for 5G Applications. A special topic forum, Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA) User’s Forum, will gather on Thursday afternoon of Microwaves Week, and all conference attendees are invited.

Source: http://mwrf.com/test-measurement/ims-2015-everything-else-you-need-know