Optical Cable

Inspecting and Unloading Fiber Optic Cables


Trouble-free unloading begins with letting your Fiber Cable Customer Service Representative know of any special
packaging or delivery requirements (no shipping dock available, call before delivery, etc.). will make
every reasonable effort to comply with your shipping needs.

When the shipment arrives, make sure the cable types and quantities match the bill of lading. Contact your Fiber Cable Customer Service Representative if there is a discrepancy.

Inspect every reel and pallet of material for damage as it is unloaded. Suspect cable should be set aside for a more detailed inspection before the shipping documents are signed.

Reels of fiber optic cable are shipped on their rolling edges, not stacked flat on their sides. Make sure you note the orientation and condition of the reel in your inspection.

If any cable damage is visible or suspected and if it is decided to accept the shipment, note the damage and the
reel number on ALL copies of the bill of lading.

If the damage is too extensive to accept the shipment, advise the carrier’s driver that the shipment is being refused because of the damage. Immediately notify Fiber Cable Customer Service Department so that arrangements
can be made for a replacement shipment.

Cable performance test results taken at are provided with each reel. Compare them to your own tests
using the methods outlined on page 4.4.