Market for Optics Returns to Growth After a Slow Start of the Year

Sales of optical components and modules dropped sharply in the first few months of 2017 because of very low demand for these products in China. The situation in China remains uncertain, but the market for optical transceivers managed to return to growth in the second quarter of 2017, as shown in the figure below. Sales […]

FTTH Network

Základy FTTx

Digitální účastnické přípojky xDSL na metalických místních vedeních se staly běžnou součástí života mnoha lidí. Vedle toho začíná postupně pronikat do podvědomí veřejnosti nová zkratka FTTx (Fiber to the …) označující řešení přístupových sítí na základě optických vláken. Základní přehled poskytl již článek Optické přístupové sítě a na něj navazující článek Optické přístupové sítě EPON […]

Data Transmission

Coarse WDM and its applications

Coarse WDM and its applications Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM), a WDM technology, is characterized by wider channel spacing than Dense WDM (DWDM) as defined in ITU-T Rec. G.671. CWDM systems can realize cost-effective applications, through a combination of uncooled lasers, relaxed laser wavelength selection tolerances and wide passband filters. CWDM systems can be used […]

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The differences between SDH and SONET

SDH stands for synchronous digital hierarchy. SDH is the synchronous technology used everywhere except the US, Canada and Japan. Development of this international counterpart to SONET began a few years after SONET. The differences between SONET and SDH are based primarily on the different asynchronous bit rates that must be mapped into them. In developing […]

Data Transmission

6 reasons why SONET

With the introduction of PCM technology in the 1960s, communications networks were gradually converted to digital technology during the years that followed. To cope with the demand for ever-higher bit rates, a multiplex hierarchy or plesiochronous digital hierarchy (DSn) evolved. The bit rates start with the basic multiplex rate of 1.5 Mb/s with a further […]

Data Transmission

7 Reasons Why SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy)?

Communications networks gradually converted to digital technology after PCM was introduced in the 1960s. A multiplex hierarchy known as plesiosynchronous digital hierarchy (PDH) evolved to cope with the demand for everhigher bit rates. The bit rates start with the basic multiplex rate of 2 Mbps with further stages of 8, 34, and 140 Mbps. In […]

Optical Component

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)

WDM Introduction WDM dramatically expands the total capacity of an optical network by enabling a large number of independent wavelength channels to travel within the same network. This core technology allows network capacity to be gradually and cost effectively increased while flexibly allowing multiple generations of transmission technologies to be supported on the same network […]

Test and Measurements

CWDM OTDR JDSU MTS-6000A and -8000 Platforms

CWDM OTDR Module Introduction This JDSU CWDM OTDR module, support to work with JDSU MTS-6000A and JDSU MTS-800 platform. This CWDM OTDR EVO family able to characterize CWDM fiber network by connecting to any location of the fiber networking, during CWDM network commissioning, network upgrades, and troubleshooting. The optical performance of the CWDM module, combined […]

100G & 400G

Multiplexores CWDM extensores

IHSE ha anunciado el lanzamiento de dos nuevos multiplexores CWDM Draco para cuatro u ocho conexiones de fibra bidireccionales en tareas de extensión de señal KVM sobre grandes distancias. Funcionan como extensores KVM y consisten en dos unidades (en la estación de trabajo y en la CPU remota) que pueden ampliar las señales hasta 140 […]

100G & 400G

DWDM Disadvantages and DWDM Advantages

DWDM Advantages and DWDM Disadvantages Breif introduction about DWDM Fiber with great capacity of bandwidth for long haul back bone data transmission. and DWDM, which is short for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing. is one of the dominant technology used to utilize the application of fiber cable. It means multiplex a group of wavelengths into and […]