Test and Measurements

Introduction to BOTDR

B-OTDR Brillouin reflectometer BOTDR (Brillouin optical time domain reflectometer). Another kind of reflectometers is based on the Brillouin scattering. In the typical reflectometers the Rayleigh scattering is employed for analysis. The BOTDR reflectometer utilizes the phenomenon of the inelastic Brillouin scattering, related to generation of acoustic wave at frequency fB. The signal resulting from the […]

Cable Management

Direct Buried Cable Installation – Cable Installation

Many fiber optic installations require direct buried applications. For any direct burial, the use of an armor tape cable design or a plowed conduit system is recommended. This will preclude cable damage during installation and provide additional support and rodent protection. 1 Fiber optic cables are typically buried at depths from 36 to 54 inches. […]

Optical Cable

Inspecting and Unloading Fiber Optic Cables

Trouble-free unloading begins with letting your Fiber Cable Customer Service Representative know of any special packaging or delivery requirements (no shipping dock available, call before delivery, etc.). will make every reasonable effort to comply with your shipping needs. When the shipment arrives, make sure the cable types and quantities match the bill of lading. Contact […]

FTTH Network

The Challenge for Fiber to the Home FTTH

HD video are required to watch by subsribers, the hair like fiber core able to delivery enomous data from central office to users. fiber optic right now is the remarkable technology for data transmission. Nowadays, its quite economical to use fiber to carry informaiton to the premises, to increase the international communication. This essay is […]

Cable Management FTTH Network Optical Cable

Fiber Optic Cable Termination Type

Fiber Optic Termination Method There are plenty of fiber connector termination method, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, Generally, in most case, both SM and MM cable are pulled without termination, operators strip the fiber cable by special toolkit and splice the fiber cable with pigtails, and protect the splice by heat shrinkable sleeves, […]


HOW To choose fiber optic cable

HOW To choose the right fiber optic cable for your fiber optic network? Background of fibe roptic nework The fundamental difference between a fiber optic communication system and other types is that signals are transmitted as light. Conventional electronic communication relies on electrons passing through cables. Microwave communication relies on microwaves travelling through open space. […]