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Fiber Optic Stripper Instruction Manual

This Fiber Optic Stripper is specially designed for stripping 250 and 900 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron cladded fiber, the Second hole for stripping 2-3 mm fiber jacket, moreover, it with factory preset and will not scratch or nick glass fiber. The weight is 119g, and length is 165mm (4.2oz, 6.5in) All stripping […]

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How to use fiber optic stripper

Warning:Never use this tool on live electrical circuits; it is not insulated against electrical shock. Always use OSHA/ANSI or other industry approved eye protection when using tools. This is not to be used for purposes other than intended. Please read and understand instructions before operating this tool. Fiber Optic Stripper Introduction FO 103-Sis for stripping […]