How to do FSM-11S Splicer Arc Calibration

Step by Step guide for FSM-11S Arc Calibration Atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, and pressure are constantly changing, which creates variability in the arc calibration. This splicer is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors that are used in a constant feedback control system to regulate the arc power at a constant level. Changes in […]

Fiber Splicing

Maintenance of FSM-11S SpliceMate Splicing Quality

Maintenance of Splicing Quality 1. Cleaning and Checking before Splicing Critical cleaning points and maintenance checks are described below . 1-1. Arc Power Calibration Refer to [Arc Calibration] (Page 42). 1-2. Cleaning V -grooves If contaminants are present in the V -grooves, proper clamping may not occur, resulting in higher splice loss. The V -grooves […]