FTTH Network

FTTH project characteristics

To successfully built and implement modern FTTH network you need to realize how big work must be done and especially define basic parameters of such system. Design aspects: At this stage you need to elaborate a conception and project which will be developed at the next stages. System must be uniformed, based on well known, […]

FTTH Network

Ventajas e inconvenientes de una red PON

A pesar de que ya se han comentado brevemente algunas, en este apartado se consideran las ventajas y los inconvenientes principales de una red PON, terminando con una tabla resumen. Ventajas: Despliegue escalado de la solución: La estructura PON permite un ahorro en los equipos activos necesarios en cabecera en el despliegue inicial de la […]

FTTH Network

CATV, MATV, IPTV and SMATV Comparison

MATV (Master Antenna TV). Master Antenna Television or MATV, describes an analog cabling network which is used to distribute various television signals throughout a facility. With the installation of multiple satellite dishes, for centrally subscribing and distribution of any channel, from any part of the world (both Pay and Free TV services) can be delivered […]

FTTH Network

Will XG-PON 10G GPON enough for us?

Based on the FTTH Councils statistics, there are more than 35.9million FTTH and FTTB subscribers in Europe Continent, even though we are still developing GPON or GEPON network, but we still would like to discuss whether 10G XG-PON could meet our bandwidth demand in the future. Currently, China Telecom, Telephonic, Verizon etc, the main telecom […]

FTTH Network

Primary fibre concentration point

The feeder cabling will eventually need to convert to smaller distribution cables. This is achieved at the first point of flexibility within the FTTH network and is generally known as the first concentration point (FCP). At this stage the feeder cable fibres are separated and spliced into smaller groups for further routing via the outgoing […]

FTTH Network

Feeder Cabling in FTTx

The feeder cables run from the Access Node to the primary fiber concentration point (FCP) and may cover a distance up to several kilometres before termination. The number of fibers in the cable will depend on the build type. For point-to-point deployments, high fiber-count cables containing hundreds of fibers (up to 729/864) are needed to […]

Internet Access

Comparison of WiMax and FTTH

WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. The industry trade group WiMAX ForumTM (http://www.wimaxforum.org ) has defined WiMAX as a “last mile” broadband wireless access (BWA) alternative to cable modem service, telephone company Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or T1/E1 service. FTTH stands for Fiber to the Home, in america, operators name it as FTTP […]

FTTH Network

Základy FTTx

Digitální účastnické přípojky xDSL na metalických místních vedeních se staly běžnou součástí života mnoha lidí. Vedle toho začíná postupně pronikat do podvědomí veřejnosti nová zkratka FTTx (Fiber to the …) označující řešení přístupových sítí na základě optických vláken. Základní přehled poskytl již článek Optické přístupové sítě a na něj navazující článek Optické přístupové sítě EPON […]

FTTH Network

для PON имеется несколько различных технологий

Тип APON (PON с ATM) BPON (Широкопол. PON) GPON (Gigabit-PON) EPON (Ethernet PON) Протокол ATM ATM ATM и СЕМ Ethernet + FEC Стандарт ITU-T С.983.1 (включая Поправку 1) ITU-T С.983.3 ITU-T С.984 IEEE 802.3ah Архитектура Симметричная: FTTCab/B/C/H Ассиметричная: FTTCab/B/C Симметричная: FТГСаЬ/В/С/Н Ассиметричная: FTTCab/B/C Симметричная: FTrCab/C/H/Вдля многоквартирных домов (MDU); FTTB для бизнеса Ассиметричная: FTFCab/C/H/B-MDU lOOOBASE-PXlO 1000BASE-PX20 […]

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FTTH Fiber to the Home FAQ

Q. What is FTTH fiber to the home ? A. FTTH (Fiber to the home) is the delivery of a communications signal via optical fiber from the operator’s central office all the way to a home or business, thereby replacing existing copper infrastructure such as telephone wires or coaxial cable. Fiber to the home is […]