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Fiber and Bandwidth

Q: What is bandwidth? a: In a network, bandwidth (what engineers call bitrate) is the ability to carry information. The more bandwidth a network has, the more information it can carry in a given amount of time. Networks with high bandwidth also tend to be more reliable because fewer bottlenecks disturb the flow of information. […]


FTTH Customer Base Continues Strong Expansion

With almost 1.4 million homes newly passed by fiber in the six months ending March 2013, the pace of fiber-to-the-home deployment in North America is exceeding long-term trends, even though it could not match the torrid pace of the prior six-month period. The data comes from market researcher Michael Render of RVA LLC, who released […]

FTTH Network

Status of Broadband Deployment in the U.S. Depends on Source

After reading the conclusions drawn by the broadband provider community and the FCC, one would think that the data sources were entirely different. According to broadband providers, there is plenty of broadband access at speeds consumers want. The FCC claims that slow speeds increase the digital divide, large swaths of unserved areas throughout the country […]

FTTH Network

The Challenge for Fiber to the Home FTTH

HD video are required to watch by subsribers, the hair like fiber core able to delivery enomous data from central office to users. fiber optic right now is the remarkable technology for data transmission. Nowadays, its quite economical to use fiber to carry informaiton to the premises, to increase the international communication. This essay is […]


Componentes FTTx

OLT, ONT, ODN, Fiber, Divido FTTH network consisting OLT, ONT / ONU, ODN, the ODN network fiber composite, dividers, etc. Fiber Installation of fiber optic cable is one of the most expensive items in the PON deployment and how to proceed depends on several factors, including cost, rights of way, legal standards, aesthetics, etc., and […]

FTTH Network

FTTx Introducción

Introducción a FTTx La fibra óptica monomodo, con su ancho de banda prácticamente ilimitado, es ahora el medio de transporte preferido en redes de transporte largo y metropolitanas. La utilización de cable de fibra óptica (en lugar de cable de cobre) reduce significativamente los costes del equipo y de mantenimiento, a la vez que aumenta […]


Hybrid GPON/G.fast distribution point unveiled by Telnet Redes Inteligentes

Telnet Redes Inteligentes S. A. has introduced a Hybrid Fiber-Copper Access Distribution Point (HFCA-DP). The platform is the first to combine GPON and G.fast distribution point equipment (DPE) capabilities in a manner fully interoperable with Alcatel Lucent and Huawei GPON optical line terminals (OLTs), the company asserts. The DPE also can be used in WDM-PON […]

FTTH Network

GPON GEPON Comprehensive Comparison

Initial PON (1990s) were based on ATM framing (APON, BPON), ATM-based BPON were inefficient, majority of traffic through the access network was IP traffic, Ethernet based PON (EPON), QOS-aware Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) (VLANs, prioritization, OAM) and integration with other Ethernet equipment, Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) proposed by FSAN members (Quantum Bridge et. al) – […]