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I. Preparing 1) Verify that the machine is plugged in power or the battery capacity is enough; then press     and hold the key until TL-7S fusion splicer booted. 2) In the standby mode, press  to enter “Splice Menu” menu. Move the cursor to [Operation Options]; press to enter. Set [Auto Start] [pause 1], [pause 2] […]

Fiber Splicing

TL-8S FTTH Fusion Splicer

TL-8S FTTH Fusion Splicer TL-8S Optical Fusion Splicer is a high precision instrument specially designed for fiber optic network. This splicer is core to core alignment by PAS technology, beside it, the splicer with large capacity li battery, support over 300 splice times. The Splicer with compact, durable, flexible features is an ideal tool for […]

Fiber Splicing

TARLUZ TL-7S Fusion Splicer

TL-7S Optical Fusion Splicer is a cost effective high precision instrument specially designed for FTTH network. The splicer average splicing loss 0.02dB(SM) 0.01dB(MM) 0.04dB(DS) 0.04dB(NZDS), PAS fiber core alignment technology, CMOS image sensor imaging technology, Carrying bag also your work platform. It with compact, durable, flexible features is an ideal tool for fiber optic network […]

Fiber Splicing

Arc Fusion Splicing of Photonic Crystal Fibres

Arc fusion splicing is an established method for joining optical fibres in communication networks, ensuring splice loss down to 0.05 dB and excellent reliability. Telecom fibres are covered by IEC 60793 and ITU-T G.651.1-G.657 standards, with common material (fused silica) and cladding size (125 μm). Splicing equipment for these fibres is widely available. Fusion splicing […]

Fiber Splicing

IFS-10 Fusion Splicer Trouble Shooting

IFS-10 Fusion Splicer Troubleshooting Power supply • Power does not turn off when pressing ⊙: Press and hold the key until the LED color changes from green to red. • Few splices can be made with a fully charged battery pack: •If the power saving function is not enabled, battery power degrades faster. Refer to […]


How to Clean Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicer Maintenance – Cleaning To keep excellent splice quality, regular cleaning and inspection are required. Especially cleaning should be performed before and after each use. We recommend your splicer to be checked through our maintenance service once a year. Clean each part with a cotton swab. Please bear in mind that daily cleaning can […]

Fiber Splicing

AFL/Fujikura FSM-60S Fusion Splicer Calibration

Arc Calibration & Motor Calibration 1>. Arc Calibration Atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, and pressure are constantly changing, which creates variability in the arc temperature. This splicer is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors that are usedin a constant feedback monitoring control system to regulate the arc power at a constant level. Changes in […]

Fiber Splicing

Important tips for using fusion splicer

Read this before using the fusion splicer Fusion Splicer Setting Up 1. This fusion splicer performs an arc discharge. Do not use the splicer in a hazardous location in which inflammable gas can generate or only electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmosphere can be used. 2. Never use spray cleaners such as Freon or Flammable […]