FTTH Network

10G EPON optical transceivers drive FTTP applications

GPON and 10G EPON optical transceivers for fiber to the premise (FTTP) or FTTH Fiber to the home applications to its Passport line of universal transceivers. For GPON, SFP transceivers for both OLT (optical line terminal) and ONT/ONU (optical network terminal/Optical Network Unit) interfaces. there are also 10G EPON via both SFP+ and XFP transceivers; the SFP+ […]

FTTH Network

Physical layer requirements of FTTH GPON Network

This section describe physical layer requirement for FTTH GPON network in three perspective, 1, Spectral Width,2. Attenuation Range, 3. ODN topology, etc. 1 Spectral width [ITU-T G.984.2] defines certain PMD specifications for the OLT and ONU. For a GPON system operating at 2488 Mbps downstream rate and 1244 Mbps upstream rate, the 20 dB spectral […]

Cable Management

Drop cable faults type

The huge growth in the number of subscribers with FTTH installations requires different maintenance methods than used previously. This article explains maintenance of the “last one mile” and explains some concrete measurement solutions. Construction of the trunk cable shown in the Figure 2 has been completed to cover 85% of households currently. All that remains […]

FTTH Network

GPON vs. EPON Costs Comparison

GPON and EPON Technology Comparison The key factor for determine FTTH network cost is understand the performance characteristics of the PON tecnology. because The PON upstream/downstream bandwidth, bandwidth efficiency and the splitting ratio will affect it. the following table have a brief comparison about the GPON and EPON technology. detailed comparison please read our blog: […]