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Inspecting and Unloading Fiber Optic Cables

Trouble-free unloading begins with letting your Fiber Cable Customer Service Representative know of any special packaging or delivery requirements (no shipping dock available, call before delivery, etc.). will make every reasonable effort to comply with your shipping needs. When the shipment arrives, make sure the cable types and quantities match the bill of lading. Contact […]

Optical Cable

Understanding Polarization Mode Dispersion

Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) is a serious problem that can limit distances and data rates in a single-mode optical fiber system. PMD is a time varying quantity that degrades system bandwidth and is costly to mitigate. It affects network reliability and is becoming more evident as network speeds increase. The impact of PMD was first […]

Optical Cable

Introduction to Fiber Optics Cables – Stripping and Cleaving

Optical fiber has changed telecommunications all over the world. Because a single optical fiber can carry really huge numbers of teleph one conversations , long distance calls that used to be very expensive have become cheap enough for many people to make them often. How optical fibers carry multiple conversations is fascinating. How does the […]

Optical Cable

Indoor/outdoor tight-Buffered Cable Lowers Installation Costs, reduces time, and Increases reliability

Introduction Fiber optic cable that is capable of surviving the outdoor environment and meets the flammability requirements for use inside buildings offers many advantages to the end-user, as well as the installer and distributor. The use of only one type of cable between and within buildings can save many labor hours and reduce material costs […]

Test and Measurements

Decrease of the Link PMD by Fiber Exchange and Investigation of the PMD Distribution along Buried Optical Fibers with a POTDR

I. INTRODUCTION The fiber network of most network operators generally comprises a heterogeneous mixture of fibers and cables, produced by different vendors over many different years. Thus, there can be a correspondingly important variation in the physical properties of deployed fibers. Along with fiber attenuation and chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) is an important […]

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Fiber Optic Cable Termination Type

Fiber Optic Termination Method There are plenty of fiber connector termination method, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, Generally, in most case, both SM and MM cable are pulled without termination, operators strip the fiber cable by special toolkit and splice the fiber cable with pigtails, and protect the splice by heat shrinkable sleeves, […]

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Fibre Installation Guidelines

Nowadays, fiber cable are installed world wide, even through there is many protection for optical cable, however, it is still easily damaged because the hair like bare fiber is easy to break. to avoid fiber break, and ensure the fibre cable are correctly installed with good optical performance. please read the following guide lines carefully […]