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Fiber Connector Inspection – Why It Matters and How It Works

Search the Internet for “fiber optic connector inspection” and you will certainly see a lot of infor mation from just about every company you – associate with fiber optic communications. Everyone in the fiber installation and network world is talking about inspection. In a study by NTT-Advanced Technology, 98% of installers and 80% of network […]

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What Network Owners and Operators Need to Know About Fiber Testing

Certification of an FTTH network confirms proper installation before customers start using it. That means fewer service problems and easier routes to modifications. It also gives comfort to those who financed the build. Fiber test equipment makes testing and certification easy – often easier than for copper wiring. Network testing and certification should be part […]

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Wofür wird ein OTDR benötigt?

Was ist ein OTDR? Ein OTDR ist ein Glasfasertester zur Charakterisierung von optischen Netzwerken, die Telekommunikationsanwendungen unterstützen. Die Aufgabe des OTDRs besteht darin, Netzelemente an beliebigen Positionen einer Glasfaserstrecke zu erkennen, zu lokalisieren und zu messen. Hierfür muss das OTDR nur an einem Ende der Strecke angeschlossen sein, da es wie ein eindimensionales Radarsystem funktioniert. […]

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Reflectance and Dead zone

Reflectance and dead zone OTDR, short for optical time-domain reflectometer, is an opto-electronic equipment used to characterize fiber optic link. OTDR reflectance and dead zone is the two key factors. This white article is for explain it, and help operators, engineers, service providers etc. know the importance of it and how to choose the right […]

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EXFO OTDR Maintenance

OTDR connector cleaning, recalibrating To help ensure exfo OTDR long, trouble-free operation: Always inspect fiber-optic connectors before using them and clean them if necessary. Keep the unit free of dust. Clean the unit casing and front panel with a cloth slightly dampened with water. Store unit at room temperature in a clean and dry area. […]

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CWDM OTDR JDSU MTS-6000A and -8000 Platforms

CWDM OTDR Module Introduction This JDSU CWDM OTDR module, support to work with JDSU MTS-6000A and JDSU MTS-800 platform. This CWDM OTDR EVO family able to characterize CWDM fiber network by connecting to any location of the fiber networking, during CWDM network commissioning, network upgrades, and troubleshooting. The optical performance of the CWDM module, combined […]

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How an OTDR works?

Two key thechnology for How an OTDR work? 1. OTDR Introduction OTDR, short for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, is a fiber optic test equipment for characterize fiber optic network. It able to detect, locate and measure events at any location on the fiber optic network. The events are displayed as graphic and displayed on the […]

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SELECCIÓN DEL OTDR ADECUADO – EXFO OTDR El OTDR constituye una herramienta fundamental en la caracterización y certificación de enlaces de fibra óptica (LAN/Ethernet multimodo y monomodo). Al escoger un OTDR, es importante seleccionar las funciones y rendimiento de OTDR específico que se necesitan para calificar estos enlaces de forma precisa y según la norma/especificación […]



OTDR FAQ Gathering AFL Global OTDR FAQ OTDR FAQ 1: When do I need to use a launch cord (cable) with my OTDR? A: A launch cord ‘moves’ the effects of the OTDR’s own front panel connection away from the first connection in the link under test. This allows the OTDR to measure the loss […]