FTTH Network

PLC Splitter summary

In 2012, a leading market and technology analysts announced the Asia Pacific region (APAC) region leads in the consumption of Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitter compact devices with 68% of the worldwide value, followed by the American region and finally the EMEA region. The increase of mass FTTx PON network deployment dominates the worldwide PLC […]


What is PON Passive optical networks

The PON architecture comprises an optical line terminal (OLT), based in the central office, and the optical networking terminal (ONT) – sometimes referred to as an optical network unit (ONU) – based on the customer premise. To connect the OLT and the ONT with data, a fibre-optic cable is used to carry a wavelength downstream. […]

FTTH Network

which is better AON or PON ? AON versus PON

AON advantages ■ Higher symmetrical bandwidth capability, which could become an even more significant advantage if demand for P2P and Web 2.0 applications increases rapidly (see 4.2.3). ■ Greater bandwidth scalability. The ability to swap Ethernet line cards in the central office to increase bandwidth capability makes AONs far more flexible than PONs. By virtue […]