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FAQ about microQSFP

Q: What will the microQSFP (Micro Quad Small-Form-Factor Pluggable) MSA address and the microQSFP specification define? (Optical interfaces and copper?) A: The microQSFP MSA will develop a specification for a new compact module form factor, microQSFP, and make the specification available to the industry to promote industry adoption of compatible products that can be used […]

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FAQ about 40G Optical Network

Q. What is the 40GbE max supported distances? A. The IEEE 40GBASE-X standard describes the following: 40GBASE-SR4 supports up to 100m on OM3, and 150m on OM4. There is no support for OM2 or OM1 (these are considered legacy). 40GBASE-LR4 supports up to 10km on 9um SM fiber (same fiber used for 10G single mode […]

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Smart SFP with integrated OTDR

Transition Networks, Inc. has unveiled the TN-SFP-BCxxxx line of Smart SFPs, gigabit optical transceivers with integrated optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) capabilities. The optical modules can help detect fiber breaks while performing typical transceiver functions. They also can locate such breaks within 10 m. On the transceiver end of things, the Smart SFPs support 1550-nm wavelengths […]

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IEEE 802.3 forms study groups for 25, 50 and 100/200 Gbit/sec Ethernet

The Ethernet Alliance recently commended the decision to form three study groups within IEEE 802.3. The groups are exploring the development of standards for 25-Gbit/sec Ethernet over singlemode fiber, 50-Gibt/sec Ethernet over a single lane, and next-generation 100- and 200-Gbit/sec Ethernet. The Ethernet Alliance commented that by forming these groups, IEEE 802.3 is “demonstrating Ethernet’s […]

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FTTH GPON : Class B+/C+, Distance Couplage à l’avenir

quelle est selon vous la tendance actuelle en matière de GPON au niveau distance, taux de couplage, classe de fibre Ou encore, les opérateurs misent-ils sur du GPON à base classB+ uniquement, ou entament-ils déjà le déploiement d’OLT compatibles class C+ car du coup, on peut imaginer des distances NRO-logement plus grandes selon la tendance, […]

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Purpose and Scope of the X2 MSA

This Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) defines X2, a compact 10 Gigabit/s optical transceiver. The MSA should be regarded as a supplement to the XENPAK MSA and does not attempt to re-specify areas already covered by XENPAK. Every attempt has been made to make this document succinct and contain only information required to make or use the […]