What is GR-1209 & GR-1221 standard in PLC Splitter


An introduction to GR’s history and objective of implementation of the standard. Also touch on evolution of the standards (recently added requirements for anti-fungus) Telcordia GR1209 & GR-1221 standards outline the generic criteria for passive optical components to ensure continuous operation of the components over its lifetime. The standards specify performance tests to reflect a composite picture of various conditions. These compliance tests cover three main features of an optical splitter which are the general requirements for an outside plant component, the functional design criteria and its performance criteria.

The environmental and mechanical tests outlined in the GR-1209 standard is designed to demonstrate the short term operational performance of a passive optical component. The normal lifespan of an FTTH network is at least 25 years, thus it is recommended for the environmental and mechanical test criteria to be based on the GR-1221 standard.

The performance tests are intended to reflect a composite picture of various conditions. The generic criteria, desired features and test methods may be subject to change. Such changes or addition is done to enhance the reliability criteria of the passive component under test. An example of such an update is the inclusion of an anti-fungus test in the GR-1209 test standard.