What is FTTdp

FTTdp is short for Fiber To The Distribution Point, It is kind of FTTx, and very similar to FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) or FTTN (Fiber to the Node), but is one-step close again moving the end of the fiber to within meters of the boundary of the customers premises in last junction possible junction […]

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Základy FTTx

Digitální účastnické přípojky xDSL na metalických místních vedeních se staly běžnou součástí života mnoha lidí. Vedle toho začíná postupně pronikat do podvědomí veřejnosti nová zkratka FTTx (Fiber to the …) označující řešení přístupových sítí na základě optických vláken. Základní přehled poskytl již článek Optické přístupové sítě a na něj navazující článek Optické přístupové sítě EPON […]

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для PON имеется несколько различных технологий

Тип APON (PON с ATM) BPON (Широкопол. PON) GPON (Gigabit-PON) EPON (Ethernet PON) Протокол ATM ATM ATM и СЕМ Ethernet + FEC Стандарт ITU-T С.983.1 (включая Поправку 1) ITU-T С.983.3 ITU-T С.984 IEEE 802.3ah Архитектура Симметричная: FTTCab/B/C/H Ассиметричная: FTTCab/B/C Симметричная: FТГСаЬ/В/С/Н Ассиметричная: FTTCab/B/C Симметричная: FTrCab/C/H/Вдля многоквартирных домов (MDU); FTTB для бизнеса Ассиметричная: FTFCab/C/H/B-MDU lOOOBASE-PXlO 1000BASE-PX20 […]

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Applications driving demand for next-gen PON

Four major application areas are driving next-gen PON development and standardization.  FTTBuilding for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) – In these deployments, next-gen PON would provide more bandwidth to be shared among the units in the building.  Enterprises – Next-gen PON would provide enterprises with more upstream bandwidth, supporting video conferencing and cloud-based file backup, […]

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TV and video services in FTTx triple play service

As telcos turn to triple-play services (video, voice and high-speed internet access) to reduce churn and increase revenue, they need to find a way of delivering TV and video to the end-user as cost-effectively as possible. Each of the major point-to multi point PON variants – BPON, GPON and EPON – offers two different methods […]

Optical Component

Optical Splitter

In 2012, a leading market and technology analysts announced the Asia Pacific region (APAC) region leads in the consumption of Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitter compact devices with 68% of the worldwide value, followed by the American region and finally the EMEA region. The increase of mass FTTx PON network deployment dominates the worldwide PLC […]

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FTTH/P network benchmarking in Slovenia

Market and regulatory overview In June 2011, Slovenia had a broadband penetration rate of 60.7% of households. There are three major broadband providers, led by Telekom Slovenije (TS) (42.7%), T-2 (18.9%) and Telemach (16.3%). Tus Telekom, Amis and other smaller broadband providers make up the remaining 22% market share At the end of September 2010, […]

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Taking Copper to Greater Heights With Best Practices for Pair Bonding

Today, more than 1 billion households are still connected to a copper line.1 As the reality of supporting HDTV and video in just about every room has become the norm and no longer a luxury, higher bandwidth for Triple Play Services (voice, data, and video) continues to see a growing demand. Leading telco service providers […]

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Time for 10G EPONs to Shine

A 10G Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) solution set enables network operators, whether they are operating public or private networks, to deliver bandwidth to users well above legacy EPON or GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) rates. You might be asking yourself, “So what? Why would anyone need a 10G PON solution?” It is true that […]

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GPON vs. EPON Costs Comparison

GPON and EPON Technology Comparison The key factor for determine FTTH network cost is understand the performance characteristics of the PON tecnology. because The PON upstream/downstream bandwidth, bandwidth efficiency and the splitting ratio will affect it. the following table have a brief comparison about the GPON and EPON technology. detailed comparison please read our blog: […]