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Blowing Method for Air Blown Fiber

Cable installation by using high-speed air ow combined with additional mechanical pushing force is called as “blowing or jetting”. Cable blowing is the process of installation of optical ber cable into a pre-installed duct. Compressed air is injected into the duct inlet after few hundred meters of cable is pushed into the duct. Compressed air […]

FTTH Network Optical Cable

Choix de la fibre pour FTTH

La fibre la plus couramment employée dans le domaine des télécommunications demeure la fibre monomode G652.B & G652.D (standard UIT-T repris par la CEI 60793). Grâce à son faible affaiblissement linéique et à sa bande passante, elle permet la réalisation de liaisons longue distance à très hauts débits. Ces fibres sont préconisées dans les réseaux […]

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What you should know about ADSS Cable

ADSS cables. All-Dielectric Self Supporting cables. The All-Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) cable is a completely non-metallic structure in which the tensile load bearing elements are integral within the circular design of the cable – usually in the form of aramid yarns or stranded glass reinfroced plastic rods. The structure of ADSS Cable Typically a loose […]

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Tarluz Loose Tube Type Air Blowing Cable

Tarluz offers loose tube type air-blowing cable, the fibers are positioned in a PBT loose tube, the tube filled with water resistant filling compound, The loose tubes are stranded around a central plastic central strength member. The cable is completed with an outer sheath. Fiber Count Configuration Fillers Outer Diameter (mm) Cable Weight kg/km Tensile […]

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کابل فیبر نوری و کد اتصال رنگ

سال ها از نصب انواع کابل های فیبر نوری سینگل مود و مالتی مود توسط کارشناسان فیبر نوری به عنوان backbone شبکه ها می گذرد . عالوه بر کابل های شبکه مسی امروزه فناوری کاربرد کابل های فیبر نوری با دو نوع سینگل مود و مالتی مد شناخته میشوند، نوع سینگل مد امروزه با تارهای […]

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انواع کابل فیبر نوري بر اساس ویژگی هاي محیطی Fiber Optic Cable

کابلهاي فیبر نوري بسته به محیطی که باید در آن نصب شوند در انواع کاملا متفاوتی تولید مـی شـوند. هـر چند که ماهیت تارهاي فیبر نوري درون آنها یا از نوع MMF یا SMF با پارامترهاي کمابیش مشابه اسـت. تمام انواع مختلف کابلهاي فیبر نوري را می توان در دو رده کلی زیر دسته بندي کرد: 1 […]

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ITU-T G.657 Bend-optimised Single mode fiber

Worldwide, technologies for broadband access networks are advancing rapidly. Among these, the technology applying single mode fiber provides for a high-capacity transmission medium which can meet the growing demand for broadband services. The experience with the installation and operation of single mode fiber and cable based networks is huge, and ITU-T Recommendation G.652 describing its characteristics […]

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Introduction to fiber coating

In General, fiber coating consists of primary coating, secondary or buffer coating, fiber identification, removability of coating. 1 Primary coating Silica fiber itself has an intrinsically high strength, however surface flaws reduce its strength. A primary coating must therefore be applied immediately after drawing the fiber to size. The optical fiber should be proof-tested. In […]

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Before any detailed discussion on how to handle optical fiber cable, some brief discussion of fiber and cable design is required. Eliminating confusion between the different terms, and providing an understanding of the cable construction will make handling the products less complicated. Fiber The cable cross-section in figure 1 demonstrates a two fiber cable for interconnect applications. […]

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Sharks and Sub Marine Cable

Sharks are not the nemesis of the Internet, says the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC), which has released an analysis of the main causes of submarine cable breaks. Essentially, sharks and other fish were responsible for less than one per cent of all cable faults up to 2006. Since then, no such cable faults have […]