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Outline of GR-1221 Test Standards

The GR-1221 standard outlines the environmental and mechanical tests to ensure long term operational performance. The following section provides an overview of each of the test requirements and the importance for compliance. Mechanical Integrity The Mechanical Integrity category consists of three main components which are the Mechanical Shock, Vibration and Thermal Shock. These tests are […]


Tipos de conexión

Existen diferentes opciones desde la tecnología para acceder al servicio de acceso a Internet, siendo las más frecuentes aquellas en las cuales el acceso hasta el nodo del Proveedor de Internet se efectúa utilizando como medio de transmisión las redes preinstaladas para la provisión de otros servicios (como por ejemplo el servicio de telefonía o […]


Three Main Factors Affecting FTTx Deployment

When operators weigh up their FTTx architecture options, a number of factors will have to be taken into account. These include what assumptions are made about customers’ bandwidth requirements; the topology of the existing legacy network; the level of competition from cable operators; the cost of laying fibre to the node compared with running it […]


FTTx Overview

FTTx definitions 1 Overview The FTTx acronym is widely understood as Fibre-to-the-X, where X can denote a number of destinations. These include Home (FTTH), Premise (FTTP), Curb (FTTC), Building (FTTB), Home (FTTH), User (FTTU) and Node (FTTN). Clearly, however, there are overlaps in meaning. FTTP is similar to FTTB, and FTTC resembles FTTN. There is […]


Copper, Fiber or Wireless?

While discussions of which is better – copper, fiber or wireless – has enlivened cabling discussions for decades, it’s becoming moot. Communications technology and the end user market, it seems, have already made decisions that generally dictate the media. The designer of cabling networks, especially fiber optic networks, and their customers today generally have a […]


What you need to know about FTTx OSP Design

Description: This three-day class has been developed with 16 hours of classroom lecture and 8 hours of handson design exercises to teach attendees to apply critical issues such as customer take rate and density to outside plant design. This course covers FTTH network field configurations, design benchmarks, and installation parameters for active Ethernet and PON […]


Big Data for Telcos: cutting OPEX, improving service quality – and deploying services faster

Big Data has won acclaim – and rightfully so – for helping marketers improve the efficiency of their campaigns, assisting doctors in making diagnoses, fighting fraud, detecting hacker attacks, and even predicting financial markets. While most of the attention has been on consumer applications, Big Data analytics and techniques can be applied to telecommunications and […]


Технология PON

PON (Passive optical network) — технология пассивных оптических сетей. Одна из главных задач, стоящих перед современными телекоммуникационными сетями доступа – так называемая проблема «последней мили», предоставление как можно большей полосы пропускания индивидуальным и корпоративным абонентам при минимальных затратах. Суть технологии PON заключается в том, что между приемопередающим модулем центрального узла OLT (Optical line terminal) и […]

Data Center FEATURES Test and Measurements

Cabling and Test Considerations for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GigE) Local Area Networks

Introduction Current communication data rates in local networks range from 10/100 megabits per second (Mbps) in Ethernet to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) in fiber distributed data interface (FDDI) and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE). However, the increasing demand for internet protocol (IP)-based services including voice, video, and data requires higher speeds and greater bandwidth, leading to […]


Beyond the Triple Play

More than a decade ago, cable companies introduced the triple play of voice, video and data that is now the standard telecom offering worldwide. Fiber’s greater bandwidth and reliability allow FTTH providers to think beyond the triple play and offer services tailored to communities’ needs. Some of these services help differentiate fiber-to-the-home communities; some generate […]