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FTTH (fiber to the home) Project Time Line

The complexity of starting up an FTTH project does not often get highlighted as much as it should. A small but dedicated team will be needed to establish the viability of the project. Distinction should be established between planning, designing, building and operating an FTTH network. Different skills are required and therefore it is likely […]

FTTH Network

PLC Splitter summary

In 2012, a leading market and technology analysts announced the Asia Pacific region (APAC) region leads in the consumption of Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitter compact devices with 68% of the worldwide value, followed by the American region and finally the EMEA region. The increase of mass FTTx PON network deployment dominates the worldwide PLC […]


Three Main Factors Affecting FTTx Deployment

When operators weigh up their FTTx architecture options, a number of factors will have to be taken into account. These include what assumptions are made about customers’ bandwidth requirements; the topology of the existing legacy network; the level of competition from cable operators; the cost of laying fibre to the node compared with running it […]


FTTx Overview

FTTx definitions 1 Overview The FTTx acronym is widely understood as Fibre-to-the-X, where X can denote a number of destinations. These include Home (FTTH), Premise (FTTP), Curb (FTTC), Building (FTTB), Home (FTTH), User (FTTU) and Node (FTTN). Clearly, however, there are overlaps in meaning. FTTP is similar to FTTB, and FTTC resembles FTTN. There is […]


What you need to know about FTTx OSP Design

Description: This three-day class has been developed with 16 hours of classroom lecture and 8 hours of handson design exercises to teach attendees to apply critical issues such as customer take rate and density to outside plant design. This course covers FTTH network field configurations, design benchmarks, and installation parameters for active Ethernet and PON […]

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FTTH Rollout – First Things First

Management of the entire life cycle is our focus and there are at least three aspects of management that work together for success. Vision – what do I want to accomplish? Planning – how can I best accomplish it? Action – doing it Vision is a picture in the mind of the finished accomplishment. For […]

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FTTH/P network benchmarking in Slovenia

Market and regulatory overview In June 2011, Slovenia had a broadband penetration rate of 60.7% of households. There are three major broadband providers, led by Telekom Slovenije (TS) (42.7%), T-2 (18.9%) and Telemach (16.3%). Tus Telekom, Amis and other smaller broadband providers make up the remaining 22% market share At the end of September 2010, […]

FTTH Network

FTTH/P network benchmarking in France

The French broadband market is dominated by the incumbent France Telecom (FT, 42.8% market share) and alternative DSL operators Iliad (Free) (21.8%) and SFR (22.8%). Numericable, the single cable operator, has a 4.2% share of the broadband market. Smaller operators, including Bouygues Telecom, share the remaining 7.3% of broadband subscribers. The three main operators – […]


Beyond the Triple Play

More than a decade ago, cable companies introduced the triple play of voice, video and data that is now the standard telecom offering worldwide. Fiber’s greater bandwidth and reliability allow FTTH providers to think beyond the triple play and offer services tailored to communities’ needs. Some of these services help differentiate fiber-to-the-home communities; some generate […]


FTTH Customer Base Continues Strong Expansion

With almost 1.4 million homes newly passed by fiber in the six months ending March 2013, the pace of fiber-to-the-home deployment in North America is exceeding long-term trends, even though it could not match the torrid pace of the prior six-month period. The data comes from market researcher Michael Render of RVA LLC, who released […]