Cable Management

Direct Buried Cable Installation – Cable Installation

Many fiber optic installations require direct buried applications. For any direct burial, the use of an armor tape cable design or a plowed conduit system is recommended. This will preclude cable damage during installation and provide additional support and rodent protection. 1 Fiber optic cables are typically buried at depths from 36 to 54 inches. […]


Copper, Fiber or Wireless?

While discussions of which is better – copper, fiber or wireless – has enlivened cabling discussions for decades, it’s becoming moot. Communications technology and the end user market, it seems, have already made decisions that generally dictate the media. The designer of cabling networks, especially fiber optic networks, and their customers today generally have a […]

4G & 5G

Choosing the right backhaul for small operators

There is a near universal consensus among mobile operators that small cells are the way of the future – the only solution that will enable them to provide the capacity they need to meet the expectations for the fast growing numbers of smartphone users. Small cells allow operators to use their existing and new spectrum […]

FTTH Network

Taking Copper to Greater Heights With Best Practices for Pair Bonding

Today, more than 1 billion households are still connected to a copper line.1 As the reality of supporting HDTV and video in just about every room has become the norm and no longer a luxury, higher bandwidth for Triple Play Services (voice, data, and video) continues to see a growing demand. Leading telco service providers […]

Optical Cable

Top 5 Considerations for choose optical Fiber

In current OSP (Outside Plant) networks, there will involve both SM (Single Mode) and MM (Multimode) fiber. however, because MM is with short transmission distance, so current OSP network is main about SM fiber and operating at wavelengths of 1310nm and 1550nm, (WDM System, wavelengths division multiplexing systems with more wavelengths in the spectrum). In […]


What is optical fiber

Optical Fiber – Introduction Optical fiber is a term for any sort of plastic or glass conduit meant to transport light. The principles Hello behind it are actually quite old, but in recent years it wholesale MLB jerseys has become an incredibly important technology, as communications infrastructure has begun to use this fiber to transmit […]