25G PON Technologies and Calls for Unified Next-generation PON Standards HUAWEI


[Shenzhen, China, April 18, 2017] At the fourteenth Huawei Analyst Summit held in Shenzhen recently, a Huawei speaker gave an presentation about the key symmetric 25G PON technologies that binding multiple wavelengths to deliver N × 25 Gbit/s bandwidths over a single fiber. Huawei called on the industry partners to jointly push for unifed next-generation PON standards.

Single-wavelength 25G PON adapts fixed wavelengths that can be easily implemented. More importantly, the developed industry chain of single-wavelength 25G optical components can share and resources of data center and Ethernet industries, which enables further cost reduction and reliability improvement of optical components. Huawei promotes 25G PON upstream wavelengths re-applying the 10G PON standards to ensure better compatibility with the existing 10G PON terminals.

Huawei has presently developed the symmetric 25G PON prototype based on the MA5800, a large-capacity OLT with a distributed architecture which has been put into large-scale commercial use. Through multi-wavelength binding, this prototype can deliver N × 25 Gbit/s bandwidths. Moreover, optical distribution network (ODN) infrastructures can be reused, and both GPON and 10G PON technologies can be deployed on the same network that ensures effective investments of operators. Above all, the key symmetric technologies of 25G PON pave the way for smooth evolution of PON technologies.

With regards to the future PON standards and researches, Huawei actively promotes the unified next-generation PON standards. To expand the PON market scale, share the industry chain resources, reduce deployment costs, and shorten product time to market (TTM), standardization organizations (such as ITU-T, IEEE, and BBF), and leading operators (including China Telecom) have all call for unified next-generation PON standards. Huawei also urges upstream and downstream industry chain partners to adopt the next-generation PON standards in the industry, and jointly boost the sustainable and healthy development of the PON industry.

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