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DWDM Disadvantages and DWDM Advantages


DWDM Advantages and DWDM Disadvantages

Breif introduction about DWDM
Fiber with great capacity of bandwidth for long haul back bone data transmission. and DWDM, which is short for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing. is one of the dominant technology used to utilize the application of fiber cable. It means multiplex a group of wavelengths into and transmitted over a single core fiber. or we can say, We could divided the fiber cores to multiple channels, and each channel with wavelengths to carry fiber optic data signal from site A to site B. currently use DWDM system could carry 40G, 100G, 400G data in a single core, the capacity will increase in the future.

DWDM disadvantages and advantages
DWDM disadvantages and advantages

Time line for DWDM, Since 1975, optical fibre start to be used for business, and SDH start to work in the begining 1990s, and DWDM start to work at later 1990s. CWDM start to implemented since year 2000.

DWDM System Advantages

  • Less fiber cores to transmite and receive high capacity data
  • A single core fiber cable could divided into multiple channels instead of using 12 fiber core.
  • Easy network expansion, especially for limited fiber resource, no need extra fiber but add wavelength, Low cost for expansion, because no need to replace many components such as optical amplifiers, Can move to STM-64 when economics improve
  • DWDM systems capable of longer span lengths, TDM approach using STM-64 is more costly and more susceptible to chromatic and polarization mode dispersion

DWDM Disadvantages

  • Not cost-effective for low channels, low channel recommend CWDM
  • Complicated transmitters and receivers
  • Wide-band changel, CAPEX and OPEX high
  • The frequency domain involved in the network design and management, increase the difficulty for implementation

Even through there is so many disadvantages of DWDM system, however, technology are improving, the transmission efficiency will improve, and the DWDM system will be more cost-effective, especially many Chinese venders are able to provide DWDM turnkey solutions for the service provider, Internet company, Data center, etc.

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