FTTH Network

FTTH Rollout – First Things First


Management of the entire life cycle is our focus and there are at least three aspects of management that work together for success.
Vision – what do I want to accomplish?
Planning – how can I best accomplish it?
Action – doing it

Vision is a picture in the mind of the finished accomplishment. For many of you who are starting a fiber project, that accomplishment is a plan that raises the investment required to launch your project. For others it is a design that lays out the details for how every subscriber links to your network operations. For some others it is the satisfaction of running cable through every pole or conduit on the drawing. The perspective I want to share from today is that of a completed operation which is generating sales and delivering services that pay back the capital investment of the project.

Let’s begin with the end in mind. To put first things first, we have to put last things first, which is to say we start with the operational systems as illustrated in Figure 2.

As Figure 2 suggests, I have a firm belief in communicating visually. As we discuss planning over the entire life cycle, I hope to bring you to agreement that the power of communication is greatly enhanced by visuals. The application of this idea to our discussion today is that the systems you rely on to run your operations are better and more intuitive if they are visual.

With the demands for information processing by employees today, faster decision-making is a crucial part of efficient delivery of services. Whether raising funding for a project, defining details for engineering review, tearing up roads and ground or provisioning new services, sharing information visually results in quicker understanding and reduces the chance of miscommunication.