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OM4 Plus fiber system enables 300 meters of 40/100G


Recently an end-to-end OM4 Plus solution for data centers “designed to push 40/100G fiber signals up to 300 meters meet the market, it is one of the first premium OM4 Plus solutions in the industry, The data center solutions offers premium trunk cables, harnesses, patch cords, MTP cassettes and adapter plates in violet (purple) to easily identify the new OM4 Plus infrastructure.”

OM4 plus fiber system
OM4 plus fiber system

Few companies offer an OM4 Plus solution, and even fewer offer a violet option. We are using the same premium MTP Elite connectors as some of the other major brands, but at a fraction of the cost to our customers. If you’re adopting the OM4 Plus infrastructure

Premium Fiber System in an effort to create standardization and avoid confusion in the data center. A standout difference is that the Total Cable Solutions OM4 Plus Fiber System features internal shuttered premium panels, cassettes, and adapter plates, cutting down risk of personal injury, degradation of components and cable wear.

More and more data centers are color coding their cabling infrastructure. With so many different fiber types and bandwidths being used it is imperative to be able to distinguish OM4 Plus from OM3, OM4 and others. The OM4 Plus system allows you to identify each at a glance.”