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Will CS Single-Fiber and Duplex Connectors be Next Trend for Data Center

CS Connector is developed by Senko Advanced Components, and the CS is widely considered to be the best option of the three. This CS Connector design utilizes the tried-and-true standard 1.25mm LC form factor ferrule, but with tighter spacing between the ferrules. With the CS design, pitch is reduced to 3.8mm from the LC standard […]

Data Center

Why MPO/MTP Connector End Face Geometry is Important?

End face geometry is an essential characteristic of repeatable and reliable optical fiber connections. Overall performance of fiber optic connectivity depends on the mechanical characteristics that control alignment and physical contact of the fiber cores. End face geometry parameters for MPO/MTP connectivity include: Angle of the polish – Horizontal or X axis (RX and GX) […]

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How to choose the right MPO Cassette

Low Insertion Loss. The lower the insertion loss, the more MPO cassettes that can be used in the channel—and the greater flexibility you have in your DC topology. Compatibility with Low-DMD Fibers. A cassette using low-DMD fiber is already compatible with systems using low-DMD fiber. This allows the ISI penalty to be reallocated to the […]