Test and Measurements

Fluke OTDR


CertiFiber® Pro – Accelerates every step of the fiber certification process
The CertiFiber Pro improves the efficiency of fiber certification with a 3 seconds, two fibers at both wavelengths. The
Taptive user interface simplifies set-up, eliminates errors and speeds troubleshooting. A set reference wizard ensures
correct reference setting and eliminates negative loss errors. Built on the future-ready Versiv platform, CertiFiber Pro
provides merged Tier 1 (Basic) / Tier 2 (Extended) testing and reporting when paired with OptiFiber Pro module. A
convenient quad module supports both singlemode and multimode and is multimode Encircled Flux compliant. Copper
certification and Wi-Fi Analysis and Ethernet troubleshooting modules are also available. Analyze test results and
create professional test reports using LinkWare Management Software.
DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™ – Accelerates every step of the copper
certification process
The DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer improves the efficiency of copper certification with unmatched speed for testing Cat
6A and Class FA while meeting darft IEC Level V – the most stringent accuracy requirement. The ProjX Management
System helps ensure jobs are done correctly the first time and helps tracks progress from set-up to systems
acceptance. Versiv platform supports modules for fiber testing (Both OLTS and OTDR) and Wi-Fi Analysis and Ethernet
troubleshooting. The platform is easily upgradeable to support future standards. Troubleshoot faults faster with the
Taptive user interface which graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk, return loss and shield
faults. Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare™ Management Software.
OptiFiber® Pro OTDR – Built for the Enterprise
OptiFiber Pro is the industry’s first OTDR built from the ground up to meet the challenges of enterprise fiber
infrastructures. This troubleshooting and certification tool combines uncomplicated power, unparalleled efficiency and
the exact functions needed for troubleshooting campus, data center and storage fiber networks.
The OptiFiber Pro OTDR elevates fiber testing with the industry’s only smartphone interface that turns a technician
into a fiber expert. The DataCenter OTDR configuration eliminates uncertainty and errors that occur when testing
data center fiber. Its ultra-short dead zones enable testing of fiber patchcords in virtualized data centers. These
capabilities, plus the fastest-in-the-industry trace times, make the OptiFiber Pro OTDR a must-have tool.
OneTouch™ AT- Network Assistant – An automated all-in-one
tester for understanding end-user network performance
The OneTouch AT Network Assistant is an all-in-one Gigabit Ethernet troubleshooter for copper, fiber optic and Wi-Fi
networks. It provides a client view of network performance so you can resolve problems fast and complete deployment
projects on time.