Next-Generation Platforms for Telecom Cloud Services


Telecom services are shifting to a cloud infrastructure in which new services can be rapidly provisioned by deploying virtual network functions (VNFs) instead of physical boxes. This dramatically reduces the operating cost of carrier networks and allows carriers to invest in new infrastructure as revenue grows. The challenge in deploying telecom cloud services is to build a common software and hardware infrastructure that delivers the performance and flexibility required at different physical locations in the network. This can be best achieved using scalable solutions developed specifically for NFV and SDN in data centers, central offices and remote locations.

This webinar explores the benefits of deploying a telecom cloud infrastructure for both carriers and their customers. It examines the changes required in modular platform development and the software acceleration framework needed to meet the demands of a variety of virtualized environments. It introduces a new approach that uses a flexible processor module and software environment across multiple systems, including enterprise appliance platforms, carrier-grade servers and top-of-rack switches. This new approach brings together the benefits of standard servers, high-speed switches and ATCA-like carrier-grade availability under a common software platform employing virtual acceleration and high-performance software appliances available for bare metal and virtual machine deployments.

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