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Will XG-PON 10G GPON enough for us?


Based on the FTTH Councils statistics, there are more than 35.9million FTTH and FTTB subscribers in Europe Continent, even though we are still developing GPON or GEPON network, but we still would like to discuss whether 10G XG-PON could meet our bandwidth demand in the future.

Currently, China Telecom, Telephonic, Verizon etc, the main telecom operators are deploying XG-PON network worldwide with HUAWEI, ZTE equipment. China Telecom’s second field trial of 10 Gbps XG-PON FTTH network design, and Verizon field trials XG-PON2 from Alcatel-Lucent), the company has its eyes on faster speeds than the 10 Gbps downstream and 2.5 Gbps upstream XG-PON1 gear will provide.

TIA keynote, the reporters and analysts, Verizon VP and CTO Tony Melone inside a Network event in Dallas said that, the carrier has not yet chosen the technology that eventually will replace the GPON systems currently in its network. He also mentioned that he would prefer suppliers offer 40G platform, which is 4 times of the existing 10Gbps network..

Melone added unlikely Verizon will deploy symmetrical 10-Gbps technology. But he stressed that Verizon has not dismissed XG-PON1 completely, saying such platforms could be used as an interim step toward the 40G/10G goal if such higher-speed GPON systems were not available when Verizon is ready to upgrade. He didn’t say when such upgrades would be required.

In his keynote, Melone said that Verizon will likely extend its FiOS FTTP network past another 800,000 homes this year, which would bring the total number of homes passed to between 17 million and 17.5 million. He confirmed during the media briefing that Verizon has no plans to expand its network into areas in which it does not already have franchise agreements in place.