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Fiber Optic Cable Termination Type

Fiber Optic Termination Method There are plenty of fiber connector termination method, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, Generally, in most case, both SM and MM cable are pulled without termination, operators strip the fiber cable by special toolkit and splice the fiber cable with pigtails, and protect the splice by heat shrinkable sleeves, […]

Cable Management Optical Cable

Fibre Installation Guidelines

Nowadays, fiber cable are installed world wide, even through there is many protection for optical cable, however, it is still easily damaged because the hair like bare fiber is easy to break. to avoid fiber break, and ensure the fibre cable are correctly installed with good optical performance. please read the following guide lines carefully […]

Cable Management Optical Cable

ITU T G 652 Fiber Link Design consideration

A concatenated link usually includes a number of spliced factory lengths of optical fibre cable. The requirements for factory lengths are given in clauses 5 and 6. The transmission parameters for concatenated links must take into account not only the performance of the individual cable lengths but also the statistics of concatenation. The transmission characteristics […]

Cable Management FTTH Network

Loose Tube Vs. Ribbon Fiber Cabling

Making the Right Fiber Cable Choice can Improve Overall Performance of Distribution Cables in the PON In the distribution portion of the passive optical network (PON) for fiber-tothe-premise (FTTP) architectures, the choice of fiber cabling – ribbon vs. loose tube – can directly impact ease of installation and future performance. As is usually the case […]

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Benefits of Pre-Terminated Solutions (Pre-terminated assemblies) – 2

Benefits of Pre-Terminated Solutions – 2 Commercial Office Pre-terminated Assemblies The completion of the handover of a project is critical, mainly due to the fact that the lease deadline of the end user client’s existing facilities, have to be met to avoid the costly penalty of having to extend their previous lease by a further […]

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Benefits of Pre-Terminated Solutions – 1

Benefits of Pre-Terminated Solutions – 1 Pre-terminated solutions for cabling systems have been around since the beginning of computing, well before the inception of Structured Cabling. Early IBM System 36 and 38 computers used to be connected to its peripherals by way of factory terminated twin-ax assemblies, very similar to the ones still used today […]