Fiber Splicing

Fujikura Launched new Cleaver CT-101 and CT-102


CT-101 and CT-102 Fiber Cleavers are equipped with a diamond blade support mechanized operation, the cladding diameter can be cut from 80 to 250um fiber. Also includes a controllable tension adjustment angle of 0-15 degrees of cutting, cutting the number counting, 3mm to 40mm cutting length control, and to provide a battery or AC power supply modes and other functions.CT-101_CT-102 sPECIAL fIBER CLEAVER


Special Features of CT-101 Fiber Cleavers

  • Used in combination with Fiber holder FH-100-*** /FH-100-*** EV


Special Features of CT-102 Fiber Cleavers

  • Used in combination with Fiber holder FH-60***


Common Features for both CT-101 and CT-102 Fiber Cleavers

  • Diamond blade provides consistent cleaving quality.
  • Large diameter fiber cleaving up to 250μm cladding diameter.
  • Angled cleaving from 0 to 15 degrees.
  • Digital cleave counter.
  • Adjustable cleave length from 3mm to 40mm.
  • Dual power sources. (AC or Battery)
  • Long Cleaver blade life of typically 20,000 cleaves (1000 fibers x 20 points, 125um SM fiber).


Key market of CT-101 and CT-102 Special fiber cleavers are Optical components, Sensing systems, Medical equipments, Research and others.

The Dimensions for both Fiber Cleaver is 140 x 110 x 95